For artists

  • I can sing but can’t compose. Can I cover a song for a pitch?

    Sure. If you applied for TFB just as a singer, we will evaluate you based on your voice, not on the lyrics or the song.

  • I just play guitar, just sing or just produce. Are all artists welcome to register for TFB?

    Certainly! Whether you play an instrument or are part of a band, compose, sing or are somebody who does everything, everyone is welcome to register. Be sure to let us know what your talent is during registration. 

  • I submitted 1 or 2 songs/pieces of music for the pitch. Do I hold the rights to these pieces of music?

    Yes, as a composer/lyricist you retain your rights. The publishing rights will, however, always belong to TFB. The master rights of the final production will also belong to TFB. 

  • I did not win the pitch. What happens to the music I submitted?

    Your copyrights will remain yours, naturally. The publishing rights will belong to TFB since you were paid for the music. We consult with you whether it can be used by our TV clients or if we can use it for another pitch.

  • I won the pitch. What now?

    Congratulations! We will now finalize your contribution (piece of music or musical talent), possibly with other musicians, in one of our state-of-the-art studios. Then we will sync it to the commercial. And who knows – if it’s a hit, we have the contacts and resources to release the music and make you famous!

  • I have registered on the TFB-website. What now?

    We will be reviewing your application. Behind the scenes of TFB a team of music professionals is working to ensure the quality of the platform. So wait a bit, within a short period of time we will get back to you and let you know whether your registration has been approved.

  • I have been admitted to the platform but have not received an invitation for a pitch. What gives?

    We can’t guarantee that you will be invited to participate in a pitch. We are hard at work to secure new jobs but we work for our clients who may currently not be in need for what you have to offer. However, as soon as they request music within your genre, we will immediately invite you to a pitch.

  • I have been admitted to the platform and have received an invitation for a pitch. Do I get paid for that?

    Yes, all artists that take part in a pitch receive compensation. The specific amount depends on the conditions for the pitch.

  • When should I submit my contribution for the pitch? Will I have enough time?

    Every pitch is different. Sometimes it's a rush job and your work must be completed within a few days while other times there will be more time. These conditions are all stipulated in the pitch document. If you do not have time, you’re of course free to not participate in the pitch.

  • I already have a contract with a publisher. Can I still register for TFB?

    Yes, but make sure to clearly state this during your registration. When you are asked to participate in a pitch, we (or you yourself?) will determine the distribution of rights. Before you register, make sure your publisher is OK with you registering for TFB.

  • I am not a member of a society like Buma Stemra, PRS, Gemma, or ASCAP. Is that a problem?

    Nope, not a problem. But you might benefit from becoming a member. We’d be happy to advise you.

For clients

  • I’m interested in Talents for Brands. What now?

    Contact us! Send an email, give us a call and we’ll set up an appointment ASAP. We can drop by you or we will gladly invite you to our studios to talk about how we can help you.

  • What does it cost?

    Registering for Talents for Brands is completely free, as is exploring the platform. We only charge you when you commission a piece of music.  The amount depends on your needs. A dance track costs less to produce than an orchestral piece for which 72 musicians are required.

  • How does the process work?

    We start with your commercial: what story do you want to tell? What are your ideas on how it should look and sound? Our creative people will then craft a detailed briefing for the music based on your input. At that point we will be able to quote you a price. If that is acceptable for you, we enter the pitch stage.

  • Are there any costs associated with the launch of a pitch?

    Yes, there is a fee for commissioning a pitch. Because we work with professional musicians and have state of the art production facilities, we always charge for launching a pitch. The amount depends on the musical needs for your campaign/commercial. We will quote you a price up front.

  • How do I know I'm getting the best musicians/music?

    We have carefully selected the best musicians in their genre to be featured on Talents for Brands. The standards that we set for musicians are high. Because of our team’s vast experience in the music industry, we were able to scout very talented people. Moreover, after we have asked the right musicians to participate in your pitch, we’ll give you a set of options on how to further customize the music to better fit your needs.

  • I need a one-stop shop, so including editing, voice-over, audio post-processing and coloring/color correction. Is that possible?

    Yes, on our platform we have included a wide range of voice-over artists. But we’d be glad to suggest one or two for you that we feel would make a great fit. Regarding editing, audio post-processing and coloring/color correction, we will gladly take this out of your hands. We work exclusively with the most skilled parties in their respective fields to ensure topnotch quality. 

  • Can I be present at the creation of the music?

    Yes, certainly! We value live input very much because you're in control. And if you like, you can take your client with you. We have seven state-of-the-art studios and a great recording space in the heart of Amsterdam’s advertising scene. But if you don’t have the time or want us to take care of it for you, feel free to monitor progress from afar. 

  • How can I be sure that all legal matters are taken care of?

    During the briefing, we’ll ask you what your needs are, what your schedule is and what your campaign plans are (channels, duration, etc). We ensure that all the musicians’ legal rights have been administered correctly. In fact, we will give you an indemnity for any claim from a third party in the matter. This means you never have to worry about legal issues afterwards.

  • I think the music is great! Can we release the full-length song?

    Definitely! We ask all participants in the pitch to not only do the 20/30-second music needed for the campaign, but also a 3,5-minute version. They create this version in the pitch stage so that we can, if desired, release a full-length version as soon as possible. This can both be a great boost for your campaign as well as for the musician!