"We don't follow hypes, we create them together with TFB"


Our core values

Talents for Brands was created with a simple promise in mind: create unique and authentic music for brands while supporting passionate artists.


Music is meant to be made together. When people with different backgrounds get together, the results can be inspiring.


The final product should be absolutely stunning. That’s why we have a topnotch pitch process and state-of-the-art production facilities.


Licensing, rights and royalties should be transparent. No one will be confronted with unpleasant surprises.


Musicians should be able to make the music they are born to make.

Some of the brand spanking music that we produced

  • Bol.com Bulk Alert - TV Commercial
  • Telegraaf - Altijd vanuit het hart
  • Waardig Ouder Worden Commercial MAX
  • Fashion Cheque
  • PvdA TVC
  • Couverts Dinerweek
  • Milka
  • Hoya
  • Gamila Secrets brandmovie
  • Emté - Tapas
  • Emté - Pasen
  • Karwei
  • The Christmas show
  • Veteranendag
  • The Christmas Show
  • De Persgroep - De week van de Krant
  • Lemon Scented Tea - Brand Conflict Model
  • Lifehunters soundlogo outro
  • AH Christmas video
  • Directlampen.nl TV commercial
  • Djinny - Radio Commercial
  • Magazine.nl - Mega megazine maand Radio Commercial
  • After Pay - Billboard
  • Brandfield - Audiologo
  • Grolsch Radler TVC Tag On
  • Grolsch Radler TVC 20sec
  • Flinder Billboard TV
  • Happy Birthdeals - Transavia radio commercial
  • Lyca Mobile Radio Commercial